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Hisown Tibbies On Parade
Hisown Tibbies On Parade
Hisown Tibbies On Parade Hisown Tibbies R Home in hte Ring and on the Range!! You can see I have different colors, but they all have the same loving attentive personality. They are all raised in my home with loving care. This can only be found in a warm affectionate family centered home. Another loving little Tibbie who is a beatiful example of our breed. As you can see Tibbies are very talented in many different ways. She loves playing the Baby Grand and jumping the horse jumps in the back yard. Not all tibbies are destined for the show ring. But all of them love to be your best friend, you can tell them everything and they will never get unhappy with you. They always love you just the way you are. This tibbies was a Southern Bell and she always behaved like one too.
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Mom and son with a freind 
These two tibbies are mom and son with a freind